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Autores: ROSARIO, Luana Silva do
Palavras-chave: Educação infantil
Linguagem oral e escrita
Data: 10-Dez-2018
Resumo: It reports on the development of oral and written language in the context of Early Childhood Education. He discusses that when speaking in Early Childhood Education it is to bring to mind more than caring, but also to educate; caring and educating go hand in hand in early childhood education. Oral and written language in children's education bringsdiscussion about the work developed by the pedagogical staff. The learning must be inserted by the teacher in a playful and spontaneous way, with a view to the child as a historical subject of law. It contemplates that language is developed within the family, but it is in Early Childhood Education that the child initializes the process of learning oral and written language, but the construction of his own self must be respected. It should be inserted properly so that it does not cause harm to the child. And in the case of malice, if oral and written language is improperly handled, the child will have sequelae throughout his childhood. It is necessary to respect the childhood so that the child develops integrally, working in a playful way with games, games, music and enough interaction. The benefit of language is that it is fundamental to the relationship of the learner to society, it is capable of transforming children's actions with the world, bringing experience and knowledge. The greatest challenge of Early Childhood Education today is to de - interlace it from outdated conceptions in society.
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